What it means to be hyperreal

August 27, 2016
Ursula Lane-Mullins
ACME Transmissions

How ACME Virtual came to be.

What it means to be hyperreal.

How ACME Virtual came to be.

ACME Virtual, our mixed reality venture and hyperreality lab, was born out of the desert — a flat plain free of preconceptions on which lies infinite possibilities.

The name was inspired by a conversation one of our founders had about the fake corporation ‘ACME’ in roadrunner while driving through Palm Springs. With virtual reality also being a ‘false’ reality, and the multiplication of two negatives equalling a positive, ACME Virtual was born.

(-) x (-) = +

ACME Virtual is symbolised through the coyote.

The spirit of the coyote represents a guide of unorthodox methods and teaches through ways that do not appear straightforward. Through the way of the coyote, a teacher of hidden wisdom who reveals the truth behind illusion and chaos, we cut through the hype and show you what is possible.

At our core, ACME Virtual wants to challenge what you think you know about virtual and augmented realities. We believe that when experienced to its potential, this is a huge opportunity to empower people, their perceptions and ultimately their reality.

Our vision for creating mixed reality worlds goes beyond the external hardware and focuses on the experience you feel as the voyager in new realities.

By focusing on the human experience in real or imagined worlds, we ask you to explore:

How does an experience make you feel?

What can you learn form it?

How does this affect your perception?

How does this understanding create your reality?

This is where Enter hyperreality comes in.

Hyperreality occurs when what is real and what is fiction are seamlessly blended together so that there is no clear distinction between where one ends and the other begins. It allows the co-mingling of physical reality with virtual reality and human intelligence with artificial intelligence.

By mixing these worlds, we show you new possibilities and new realities to expand your reality and take you places you may never have been before.

Ones where you can connect with other worlds and create new realities that you can add to your current experience of reality.

This is the part of us that is experimenting with new ways of doing things, new technologies, and ultimately new ways of seeing the world, one that feels real and meaningful to us as humans.

We are at core, hyperreal, hyper-colourful and hyperreactive.

Pioneering VR Design Methodologies

A new paradigm calls for new ways of communicating and interacting.

We are creating a new language in VR, one that is more relevant to this medium of experience and to the voyager exploring new realities. We are excited to share our framework for GX: Guided experience design very soon.

So, who are we?

We are a playful mixed-reality agency who love dangerous ideas, reality-distorting technologies and the daily adventure of creating something new.

We do experiments with the human experience through technology and radical thinking to create new worlds, shifted perspectives, and fundamentally a felt connection with you, the explorer, through meaningful content and interactions.

We imagine a blindingly-bright future — one positively transformed by the emerging technologies of today, which are generating new degrees of freedom for your creativity, education and communication.

We are not literal. Challenge everything. Expect the unexpected.

Welcome to a new reality. Enter hyperreality.

.   .   .

Ursula Lane-Mullins

Experience Director, ACME Virtual


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