A shift into hyperspace: Turning ourselves inside out

July 24, 2016
Oliver Rozynski
ACME Transmissions

We are being pulled by a new gravity.

A shift into hyperspace: Turning ourselves inside out

We are being pulled by the gravity of unseen, higher-dimensional moons.

Millions of years of changing tides have created the perception of time as a pendulum; moving in a cycle like the familiar tick of a grandfather clock (or maybe more like the mindless buzz of recycled daytime television.)

On closer inspection however, each new wave of technology hints at a greater force.

This is an unconscious realisation which will rise into our minds like a second sun - making believers believe and the doubtful take cover in the fear of their mysterious gods.

From there it's only a short stroll into tomorrow, when the tides of technology will lift so radically outward from our grasp that they will project through space and into the depths and distortions of hyperreality.

A singular event in which we will decide to either let go of our stabilising weights and float freely into a new state of hyper-intelligent, hyper-connected and hyper-conscious being... or be left physically clinging to our misconceptions, drowning in confusion created by a consumer-psychosis; alongside the ghosts of countless ships which once ferried our worldly belongings.

Any guidance in this moment will not come from your local confessionary booth, or from the 5 o’clock news – it is not a way of thinking, it can not even be computed by our most advanced machines – it isn’t a tool of this reality.

Perhaps staying alive into our future is to being dead to history’s consensus. Take no direction from this reality (the only one we've known but definitely not the final step on our evolutionary journey.)

The perpetuating pull of these foreign attractors are endlessly obstructed by the awkward alphabetical blocks of our words, ideas and invented languages - all skewed to animalistic instincts of material importance and self-centred thinking. The technology of our language simply cannot fit the shape held by our true nature.

Yet, a future star which burns unendingly behind the blindness of unopened eyes and minds pulls us into it's gravity - exponentially, every moment – holding the weight of pure intentions, unrestrained love and positive energy. Serious like a child who can't stop laughing. Understanding that there is nothing inappropriate, nothing out of place.

So here we stand centre stage, waiting behind the undrawn curtain of cultural deconstruction – it's a time to take a moment of reflection and self-encouragement. The fear of stage fright comes from your mind, not your adventurous spirit.

Opening inevitably with a comedy of once-masked misunderstanding that now extrudes itself into unmapped spaces throughout our mind and into emotions unfelt or misunderstood – an entirely new meaning of existence, released from an inadequate vocabulary into a consciously-connected and co-created reality of abundance, intelligence and creativity. A virtual reality with more intensity than ever possible with our three-dimensions of space and time, letting us move closer toward our true nature as we kick-off our training-wheels and take real responsibility for our thoughts and actions, collectively and transparently.

Brands are now tribal and redundant, money is irrelevant, wealth becomes weightless like thoughts; as creative thinking becomes the currency of value, in a way so tangibly present as to define our environment. Inspiration is the air, we interact with other people as if they were reflections of the ideas we hold dearest – thoughts become dreams and connect together like a child's brain-synapse firing; strengthening to a positive affirmation. Our good intentions finding each-other and merging as though taking the hand of a best friend and showing them beauty through your eyes; the truth of understanding.

Anything which enters the veins of this new transhuman and transdimentional organism which does not come with positive intention will simply become untethered from lack of reinforcing connection and slip into the abyss like a confused dream which was never recalled upon awakening.

Negativity becomes an endearing reference to the souls who carried us through the dark ages of a 21st century and in a culture so tied up in their own inadequate language that the dance of daily life was performed in ways so unnatural to the human body - so obscure. Neurotic. Our rhythm is schizophrenic to the beat of a thousand different drums. Materialism. Spiritualism. Love and lust. Dreams or careers. Right and wrong. Successes and mistakes. We're hindered by our own perception. It is a plane covered in a heavy fog of expectation which has clung to us by the benevolent force of nature - any slight temperature shift has the ability to dissipate it without effort – like the subtle shift in hue as the sun lowers in the sky, our use of words will shift as our language will dissipate into a warm haze of peace and emotional connection.

We can return to a conscious state truly void of necessities, traveling through time only by accumulating meaning and purpose. The true hyperreality of an infinite spectrum of experience as open-minded, open-hearted and forever playful children of the universe.

To become unbound by our language, assumptions, constructed fears and inability to believe in our power to create reality, is to be released from its gravity and find the unimaginable; and watch it become real.

A new space for our consciousness given through virtual realities creates inevitable new understanding, which, with the patience of a dimension eventually void of biological time, will once again show us where we came from; True chaos is the ocean which lets it's imagination run wild; is the birthplace of the love and wonder of a child; and is timelessly creating tides of chaos and creation. Imagination and reality moving as one force, being pulled together toward a new moon of unseen possibility.

This is our future, and like our past it will come from within our mind.

It's a future without the need for fear. And you can be in it now if you believe in the gravity of your thoughts.

.   .   .

Oliver Rozynski

Creative Director, ACME Virtual


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