Play is the highest form
of research

Theory guides.
Experiment decides.

ACME experiments

"The major challenge today facing most foundations is that they are risk adverse.

This inhibits their ability to experiment and commit to the experimentation and innovation process."

Steven Levitt, Economist

Mind-controlled virtual reality


Hyperlab is currently exploring thought generated virtual environments for the development of cognitive thought and emotional understanding in an effort to create a new language for communication and self-reflection to further evolve the human consciousness and understanding of ourselves.

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ACME's Guided Experience Design
Pioneering VR Design Methodologies; An entirely new medium requires entirely new ways of thinking – so ACME Virtual have invented a new methodology for VR called Guided Experience.
ACME's Mixed Reality Demonstration Experience
Hyperreactive is a demonstration of the strengths and opportunities provided by the new technologies of vr, ar and ai – and is aimed to provide a full-spectrum experience of what's possible with today's technology.
Upstream 2050: VR Documentary
Upstream 2050 takes you on a journey to a plausible near future, when today's emerging technologies have truely begun their positive transformation of the human and cultural condition.
Near Death (VR) Experience: Planetary introspection
The Near Death Experience lifts us into an abstract ethereal dimension, as our life and lessons flash before us – taken from the collective perspective of planet earth and it's biological history.
Hyperconscious: Creating a new language for your mind
The unfolding of time and technology has permitted us new tools of light and connectivity to generate a new space in our mind for consciousness to find it’s own language.
Yoko Honda: A tribute to the 1980's aesthetic
Yoko Honda channels the aesthetics of the 1980's into all of her work, paying homage to an era of affluence by playfully channelling the excess though sun-kissed patterns which nod to the contemporary.
Sloth 360 VR
Create real change by adopting a sloth and protect it from disappearing from our reality.
Wonderland City: A historical recreation of Tamarama
A historical recreation of Wonderland City, an entire theme park situated on Tamarama Beach – constructed and shortly after deconstructed, in the early 1900's.

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