We're a playful mixed-reality studio who love dangerous ideas, reality-distorting technologies and the daily adventure of creating something new.

We experiment with the human experience using technology and radical thinking to shift perspectives and create an emotional response with each explorer by offering meaningful content.


Augmented reality


Virtual reality

We imagine a future positively transformed by the emerging technologies of today, providing new degrees of freedom for creativity, intellect and hyperconnectivity.

Commercial applications


Virtual environments create new possibilities for experiential training accross all industries.


Experiencing a product or service before purchasing opens a new platform for sales.


Immersive worlds give brands the opportunity to engage customers on a whole new level.


Mixed reality devices are great experiential interfaces for any digital information system.


Group interactions in virtual environments brings with it a whole new toolkit for work processes.


An on-site team of tech innovators to rapidly prototype and experiment with you.

Packaged services

Experience the potential of mixed reality

Explore and demo a range of VR + AR content and devices currently available on the market, followed by a brainstorm of relevant mixed reality solutions to your industry, product and business. Comes with google cardboard takeaway to explore mobile VR content at home.

From $500


Be first to market

We can deliver, install and facilitate a branded virtual reality experience, creating a hyper-engaged audience.


From $15,000

Packaged service

VR and AR are another touchpoint in the customer experience of digital and physical interactions - however provide a much more immersive, visceral experience as a technology than any other medium. As part of the experience ecosystem they play an important role in enabling presence and empathy for the user in any given environment or story. A mixed reality strategy looks at how these technologies can work with current solutions to deliver on business goals from awareness and donations to customer conversions.


From $50,000

Training + courses

Transition your business into the virtual paradigm

Whether you want to solve a business problem using mixed reality applications, add value to the customer experience or transform your current product offering into a VR or AR solution, our workshops involve high level strategy, ideation and prototyping in VR to establish an MVP you can start testing with users.

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Design for VR + AR

A new medium requires a completely new way of thinking about it. UI paradigms for VR and AR draw on key concepts from web design but are fundamentally different in process and output. If you are a UI or UX designer, we need to start designing for worlds without screens. This hands on bootcamp teaches you what is required to design UX for mixed reality platforms. Participants are given the tools and techniques to start designing interfaces that are meaningful in virtual worlds.


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Solve a business problem using mixed reality

What problem is your company trying to solve through virtual or augmented reality? Bringing together a cross functional team including developers, strategists, game developers, interaction designers and VR specialists over a two day workshop, we set a problem to tackle and get teams to work to deliver a working prototype in 48 hours ready to test on users.


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Australia's first VR Training Academy partners with virtual reality design specialists, ACME Virtual.

About Academy Xi

Guided Experience Design

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Mobile MR kits

Our facilitated mixed reality setups include everyting you need to have an immersive experience, anywhere.


Our purpose

Augmenting human experience

for a hyper-real future

Advancing cognitive abilities and increasing awareness of our mind through virtualisation and self-improvement.


Moving towards natural, deeper ways of communicating by dissolving boundaries of limiting spoken language.


Strengthening human connection through  
meaningful exchanges in social worlds based on empathy and understanding.

Mixed Reality Series
The explorer's journey
Coming 2022
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Our services

We create with purpose

We advocate meaningful mixed reality content for a positive outcome.


How do we create experiences that push us beyond the boundaries of expectation and evoke true emotion? This medium has the capacity to change us, so how can we use it for positive change?
We consult to:


Concepting, prototyping and building virtual and augmented reality worlds is what we do; we are User Experience specialists, as well as educators in virtual reality design – establishing our own  frameworks.
We create for:

We deliver unforgettable experiences.
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Empathy-driven storytelling

Mixed Reality

Real-world augmentation

Augmented Reality

Immersive meditation

Virtual Reality

Experiential activations for feature titles

Reality-integration marketing

Consulting with Disney on experiential augmented installations to unlock story teasers for upcoming feature titles; we consider the full spectrum experience and retention strategy for both kids and adults.
What would your favourite movie look like, integrated into the physical world?
Info available post-launch.

We come to work
because we love to play
We live with the spirit of a child.
We love challenging boundaries.
We have no expectations.
We can't stop experimenting.
We love testing perspectives.
We don't follow the rules.
We never stop learning.
We live for our next discovery.
We always welcome the unexpected.
We reject traditional thinking.
We are led by our dreams.
We believe in our imagination.
We understand that quality
is the best business plan
and an impossible idea
is the perfect place to start.

Ursula Lane-Mullins



Oliver Rozynski



Charbel Zeaiter



Ben Wong


Priscilla Koukoui
Steve James
Edison Chen
Andrew Noel
Winnie Street
Lachlan Phillips
Leone Chare
Edwin Montgomery
Jean-Baptiste Bailleux
Work with us
Developers, designers, engineers and artists;
If you have a vision of positive change for the future,
we want to work with you.
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